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Posted: January 10, 2015 in Abortion Abolition, Evangelism
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I would like to address the opposition we face from Christians for abortion abolition. Some don’t think it’s the Christian’s job while others just become offended anytime they hear a “thus saith the Lord.” There are many avenues from which other Christians attack the abolition standpoint but really I only want to focus on one of them.
Whenever you do something bold for God you will be criticized. Whenever you stand up for what is right you will be mocked. Whenever you choose which side of the fence to be on and stay on it someone is going to be offended. That’s because people don’t like it when someone else rocks the boat. People find comfort in consistency and conformity. It’s much safer to agree. It’s much easier to passively stand by. But is this the Christian thing to do? Some Christians say that we shouldn’t judge people or that we all just need to get along. Some cry, “peace” when there is no peace. Christians were never meant to be silent in the face of evil. We are soldiers and ambassadors. The world craves ambiguity but as Christians we don’t need to fit in. We were never meant to keep our opinions to ourselves. We are taught in society to follow the masses and even those that have promoted individuality through things like media and clothing brands have become the newest fashions and trends. We have become robots in a society of illusions. Everyone claims that they want to be different but insist that no one challenge the world view that has been hand crafted for them by the god of this world.
As Christians we automatically don’t fit in. This isn’t a condemnation or something to be ashamed of. We willingly traded our conformity to the world for the transformation of Christ at the blood stained cross. We throw off the weighty expectations of the world everyday when we pick up our own cross that has also been stained with the blood, sweat and tears of our own ambitions, dreams and desires. We have been crucified with Him. He was crucified outside the camp, why do we deserve any different? We are salt and light. Salt is painful to the stinking wounds of sin. Light is blinding to the inky darkness of evil.
I said all that to say this. No matter what you do for God in this world you will be reviled. It was God’s plan. Always has been. And it’s okay. Both sinner and saint will criticize and complain. Does it change the legitimacy of our cause? No. Should it hinder the work? No. If you stand up against sin the sinner will say you are too judgmental while the saint says you are self-righteous. If you boldly proclaim the truth the sinner will say you are hateful while the saint says you are full of pride. Since obeying the great commission and reaching the lost with the Gospel the most hurtful attacks I have experienced against the work have come from fellow Christians; fellow soldiers. It isn’t the homeless drunk that lashes out, he already knows he’s a sinner, but the comfortable Christian sitting apathetically in the barracks. Its easy to lob grenades at your own guys while they are fighting the enemy because they have their backs to the comfort of the barracks. They are charging the gates of Hell.
The work of abortion abolition is not for the weak. If you are looking for recruits to criticize the guys on the battlefield, you don’t have far to go. The churches are full of them. Not only does the Christian soldier have to deal with the frontal attack of the enemy but the back biting attack of his comrades. The pews have become the comfortable barracks of the Christian army. It has become the mess hall where you never have to leave, only to glut on the abundance of food. We aren’t fed week after week, month after month, year after year to grow fat and lazy. It is better to give than to receive. Our crosses are never for ourselves but for others. We have become professional takers. We have mastered the art of cross bearing just enough to hoard the benefits for ourselves. Sitting in church is what a ”good” Christian is supposed to do. The bearing of our crosses and burdens look so spiritual. But what about giving? What about sharing the good news? What about boldly standing up for truth? Often all you get in return is a mocking stare, an unkind word, a whisper behind your back.
Those whispers become the very flames of discouragement and doubt that destroy the battle ready soldier of Jesus Christ. We are all guilty of this are we not? Gossip and backbiting have become one of those sins that Christians sweep under the rug by adding a bit of humor and a lot of quenching of the Holy Spirit. I’m writing this to address one of those sneaky darts that so often pierce the armor less back of the fighting soldier. I’m writing this both to those that have been hurt by that dart and those that are throwing them from the shadows of the barracks. There are many darts being thrown around carelessly but I want to focus on just one of them. I call it the, “Keep the main thing the main thing” argument. Many Christians, once they get a preconceived idea about something, paint everything with the same brush. The best way to try and destroy someone’s viewpoint is to build a straw-man argument, paint it with their misinformed, preconceived notion about that argument and than knock it down with skewed logic. By misrepresenting someones position it makes it much easier to attack.
Many Christians, when confronted with the question whether or not they should be actively “delivering those being drawn to death” will say, “keep the main thing the main thing” or something similar. What they are saying is that we shouldn’t be focused on a side issue when we should be spreading the Gospel. It sounds good but it is a straw-man argument. In one sense they are right. No matter how many people we convince that abortion is wrong if they aren’t saved they will still go to Hell. But do we dismiss the subject in light of their salvation? I believe Christians with this mindset don’t really understand the very Gospel message they are championing as the “main thing.” I’m not saying they aren’t saved but that they missed a vital step in convincing men of sin and leading them to the cross. Does abortion abolition and salvation have to be separate? No. Actually they cant be apart. First of all, what is the Gospel message? The death, burial and resurrection of Christ. But how do we convince people that they need it? That is what often is missing. We shouldn’t go up to people and say, “Just turn to Jesus and He will save you.” They will say, “save me from what?” Man must be convinced by the law that he is a sinner, that he is sick before he will willingly take the cure, Christ’s blood atonement. Was Paul not “keeping the main thing the main thing” when he boldly preached against superstition and idolatry on Mars Hill? If Paul were alive today his fellow comrades would have berated him for preaching against one thing. They would have said he had too narrow of a focus. Why wasn’t he preaching the Gospel and asking if they wanted Jesus to come into their hearts? Because he first had to destroy their false notion of innocence. First he had to convince them of their sin. He had to preach against the wickedness that was dear to their hearts. What is dear to the hearts of the American people? Might it be the idols of convenience and comfort? Maybe its the callousness toward life or the addiction to pleasure. How many babies have been murdered on the alters of these very things? Fifty-three million so far.
Humanity must be shaken to the core of its blind ignorance. The world doesn’t need anymore cute messages of universal peace and love. What the world needs is a broken heart. God resisteth the proud but giveth grace to the humble. Did Jesus fail to “keep the main thing the main thing” when He cleansed the Temple? Maybe He was wisely striking at the heart of greed and irreverence. There’s no hope until the sickness is revealed and taken seriously.
If attempting to save the lives of innocent babies isn’t enough for the dart throwing Christians at the very least I would hope they could see that the abortion issue is often the very means to salvation for a wounded soul. The law must be used before grace is applied but sometimes the conviction of lying and stealing and adultery isn’t enough. I’ve had people proudly proclaim that they were lying, stealing, blasphemous, fornicators at heart. Sometimes we need the indictment of murder to get them to see the light. Abortion strikes hard at the soul of humanity. How couldn’t it? It is the legal slaughter of children by their own parents. Christianity isn’t a spectator sport. Something must be done but if the majority of Christians are content with apathy I would implore them to stay out of the way and sit in the comfort of the barracks and gorge themselves on the meat of the Word. The pews are comfortable. The camp is friendly and inviting. Maybe then in the slumber of inaction and disobedience they will stop throwing darts and hindering the work of the Lord.

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  2. Jeremiah says:

    Agreed. I might also add a couple of other examples in the NT. John the Baptist confronted Herod over his adultery. At Pentecost Peter didn’t shy away from addressing the most recent, vivid, collective sin of the people – their crucifixion of Jesus Christ! Now our modern Christian would probably suggest that talking about their bloodguilt (“let his blood be on us and our children”) so soon after the event might distract them from hearing the message of God’s love, but I think that – as you’ve rightly pointed out – there is no need for the false dilemma of preaching the gospel or calling for repentance regarding child sacrifice.

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