On January the 13th and 14th we began abortion abolition work at the Clark Fork High school for the first time. Clark Fork Idaho is a small town of only 500. Nothing like this has ever been done here and we were all interested to see the reaction of the community. I was truly amazed at the response. I would guess that 90% of all the reactions were positive. We did get an occasional snow ball or apple thrown at us. Some yelled profanities but those came from a small group of young people at the High School. The majority of the people that passed us by, as we held signs, smiled, honked their horn in approval or gave us a thumbs up. At first glance this seems to be a wonderful thing. All these people that believe abortion is wrong! Honestly it is encouraging to be supported in your stand but is this a victory or a revealing of a deeper problem in the Christian heart? A friendly wave is nice. A smile is appreciated after standing in the cold for hours. A “hurrah” for our efforts is welcomed but there must be more. If they really believe that abortion is wrong why aren’t they doing something about it? Why wouldn’t they stop and ask how they could help? Where is the action that follows a true belief? I know that I cant speak for everyone but it is quite evident that the majority of professing Christian are apathetic if not callous to the atrocity of abortion. If every Christian stood up for what the Word of God proclaims as truth and justice our country would be a different place. According to the US census bureau almost 50% of all US citizens consider themselves to be Christian. Where is the proof? I think for the most part they consider their friendly wave or supportive thumbs up to be their proof. Belief is enough for them. They have become satisfied with being a hearer of the Word and not a doer.


This is where the vast majority of “pro-lifers” and Abolitionists split ways. To be pro-life has become a political standpoint. Often it follows the whim of the people. God’s character of liberty, justice and love have been detached from the issue. Some use it as an excuse for apathy. They feel satisfied by voting their responsibility away. I understand that people are busy with the everyday responsibilities of life but people can find time for whatever their heart desires. I don’t think it is a belief problem but a heart problem. The Christian heart has become lazy. The Christian has chased the pleasures of the world and now have found themselves too bogged down to do the work of the Lord. We find time for the things we care about. Doesn’t the Creator care about the lives of the unborn? Shouldn’t we?

In Nazi Germany the Christian congregations would sing louder every time a train load of Jews were being shipped by like cattle to drown out the sounds of human agony. Imagine singing Pass me not, a few decimals louder than normal, to drown out the screams for help in the background. Do you think those sounds of worship were sweet to God? I think He hated them. But we can’t blame the German Christians because they were just too busy. At least they were going to Church singing of Christ’s redemption. They were “being still and knowing God” while humanity rushed by in cattle cars by the millions. Am I mocking the Scriptures? No! I’m trying to expose the irony of the Christian that sings praises to God in church for “saving them from the miry clay” while saying nothing about the human beings reduced to ashes in their backyard.

Why do I always compare abortion to the Jewish Holocaust? Because abortion is another Holocaust. This Holocaust has just been given a clean, innocent name. The only difference between the two is that in the Jewish Holocaust 6 million were murdered. The American Holocaust has claimed more than 53 million lives and the number is climbing at the rate of 3,500 a day.

Some say, “But what can I do?” Nothing if you are satisfied with the status quo. People don’t really understand the severity of this Holocaust. Many have chosen ignorance or callous. I plead with every Christian cleansed by the blood of Christ to obey your Savior’s voice. The love of God will move us to action. I’m not advocating doing abortion abolition in the flesh or under our own power because that will most certainly fail. But standing and speaking in the powerful confidence of the Holy Spirit.

What would happen if the 90% of Clark Fork that knows abortion is murder would demand that human abortion must stop? Can you imagine if 150 million American Christians stood up for what is right? Can this generation turn the world upside down for Christ like the Christians did in the 1st century? The answer is up to you. It always starts with one. Every fire starts with a single flame. Let us sweep this nation with the purging light of Christ’s Gospel.


    • chrisehutto says:

      I think that the best thing to do is to make ourselves available to be used by God. I think that often we miss an opportunity to share this information because we aren’t really looking. There is always someone to share the message with. My blog post How to Abolition gives some examples. I hope to continue sharing ideas and would love to hear other’s thoughts and ideas as well.

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