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Posted: January 19, 2015 in Abortion Abolition, Evangelism
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  Right now as I sit here and remember all the faces of the people that passed me by on the street today, I am overwhelmed at how lost and hopeless these people really are. There is no hope for a hurting soul desperately searching for meaning and purpose in the pleasures the world has to offer. I see the scowling face of the elderly lady wrinkled in disdain. A confused man blankly stares and ponders. A patronizing smile plays disapprovingly across the face of a portly woman. The mischievous, care-free spark of expression in the green gray eyes of a young man my age. I hear the faint echo of laughter. Laughter born of ignorance and callous. A profane scream clashes ironically with the pent up tears locked behind a lifeless stare.

  Everyone is a unique human being with a soul hand-crafted and fashioned by the hands of a loving Creator. Every person bears a life designed with a purpose known only by God. They are all called by God. He desires the heart of every one of them. I may only see the ugliness of their sin and rejection of truth but God sees His creation. He has compassion.

  Today we stood on the corner of Cedar and Main in Sandpoint, Idaho and reproved the evil works of darkness. And darkness was there. If ever you thought man was naturally good, your mind would be changed the instant you saw the disturbing callous of two girls laughing about death, murder and abortion as they wait for their light to turn green. If that doesn’t do it try having a hateful woman flip you off and scream out the window, “I wish your mom would’ve had an abortion!” Suddenly the quaint, tourist town becomes a war zone. The enemy is intent on killing. We are his target.

  Who is our enemy? Sometimes I think we forget who we are fighting. Our warfare is spiritual. We don’t fight against flesh and blood. We are standing against the gates of Hell. Satan is our adversary not the people we pass by everyday. Satan loves to use the weak and hurting but they are not who we are fighting against. They must be rescued. They are lost in darkness and sin. Man is evil but he is not our foe. We must bring them to the light of salvation to be rescued from the clutches of the devil.

  Today as I held signs I saw raw humanity displayed for what it really is. They have been bitten by the teeth of bitterness. They have been manipulated and abused by others around them. They have become jaded to the powerful message of Christ’s redemption because the church has failed to be Christian. I’m not making an excuse for their sin but explaining why they are lost in it. Some people act like monsters when confronted with the seriousness of their sin but there is a hurting and hardening heart behind the layers of bitterness.

  We mustn’t forget that we are told to love them. Were not we once one of them? Did not Jesus die for the monsters we used to be? Is their sin of hate any different than the apathetic concern we display to this dying world? Could the story of the Good Samaritan be a parable of our lives? I hope so. After we have accepted the free gift of salvation, that the Lord has so lovingly given to all who will receive, how can we refuse to offer that love to others? That is selfishness at its worst. For those of us that actively participate in abortion abolition we have become in danger of great hypocrisy. We decry the selfish motives of abortion such as woman that say that if they don’t abort their babies it would ruin their life or that it’s their body and no one has a right to tell them what to do with it. These women are selfishly keeping others from living so they can live the life they want. How similar that is to us when we refuse to have compassion on those that are headed for an eternal death after we have been granted life. The cross wasn’t for Christ but for us. The crosses we bare as Christian aren’t for us but for others around us. We want the world to see the importance of the baby’s life while failing to see the importance of the lives all around us.

  We must be bold and uncompromising with our message but we cant forget to lovingly show them their sin and guilt. It is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance and as ambassadors for Him we must show that goodness to others. A sincere smile goes a long way. It strikes right at the heart. I’ve seen those that hate me respond in wonder when I treated them with kindness in return for malice. Lets not forget to share with the world the compassion of Christ. Every word must be spoken in love. If we have not charity all we will be is a thorn in the sinner’s side. We must show them, with compassion, their disease of sin and then the bloody cross of redemption. While Jesus hung dying on the cross He cried, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Let that be our prayer when we are reviled. When we truly see God’s love for us and what He has saved us from we will have no problem caring for our angry and hurting neighbor. When you stand for truth you will be accused of hate speech. Lets not give them any legitimate reason to do so.

  1. Angel Fish says:

    I see a new Blogger!! Welcome to WordPress, Just wanted to say hello and God Bless. I hope to see more from you

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  2. Lynea says:

    I really liked this post Chris. I am amazed by the hardness of people’s hearts. But you are right, “some having compassion making a difference”. It is good to remember that we are truly just as sinful and wicked of ourselves. They need Christ just as we did. Really appreciated your comparison of a mother selfishly stealing the opportunity to life from her child…to Christians stealing the opportunity to have life by neglecting to share the gospel. Very true.

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  3. Toni says:

    Wow Chris. This was so simple and yet so true. I too have so many faces that stay with me. It’s easy to feel anger rise when you are standing for the voiceless and they laugh your message away. Or that patronizing shaking of the head. And the malicious profanity. But you’re right. Mankind is not our enemy. Their souls are in danger of eternal death. We must strive to reach them just as sincerely as we strive to save these babies lives.

    I also was struck by what you said of us being in danger of hypocrisy.

    Thank you for taking the time to write about this. Our message will most likely be ineffective if we forget to have compassion. The very word reminds me of Christ when he looked on the crowds.

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  4. Adelaide says:

    Hey, you’re the goto exeptr. Thanks for hanging out here.


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