It’s a human life

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Abortion Abolition
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Life begins at conception.

How do you prove it? Many pro-life groups have attempted to do this through scientific research and though their evidence may be compelling, all you need is common sense. Those that believe abortion is not murder won’t normally be swayed by this sort of thing. The evidence that life is present doesn’t change their mind. They already know that conception is the beginning of life. What they won’t admit is that it is a human life; that it is a human being worth protecting, no matter its age. If you tell the pro-choice crowd that a fetus is a baby, the majority of them will either laugh in your face or get angry. They have been brainwashed with an illusion. The youngest of the human race have been dehumanized. Instead of a baby they are called a fetus. Aborting a fetus sounds so much cleaner than murdering a baby. The crime that normally demands the death penalty or life in prison has now become a convenient medical procedure.

  If a fetus’ humanity begins at a certain point of development, who gets to determine the age when they become human? If we allow the laws to say that a fetus can only be aborted before twenty weeks we are condoning the murder of all the babies younger than that. Most babies are aborted during the first trimester, before week 13. What happens when the laws allows the slaughter of newborns or one year olds? Today the unborn are not considered human beings, tomorrow it may be the elderly or mentally handicapped. Most pro-life groups champion the laws that little by little limit abortion. Many states have attempted to pass bills that don’t allow abortions when babies can feel pain. On the surface it seems to be a good thing until you consider all of the babies that are murdered because supposedly they don’t feel pain. Is it fair that they are forgotten while the pro-lifers celebrate their victory for pro-life legislation? Does a baby earn the right to live only when they can feel pain, or when they have a heart beat, or brain waves? Even an animal fetus has a heart beat and brain waves. This doesn’t prove anything. Since when has development been the deciding factor of the value of human life? There should be no exceptions for murder. All abortions are murder.

A human life doesn’t just magically appear.

  That may seem obvious but when you try and regulate human life you are forced to conclude that it becomes human somewhere during the development. Do you suddenly become human at birth, or when you have a heart beat? Maybe it begins at week twenty or when a baby is no longer dependent on her mother. It becomes too ambiguous. Maybe a human life is formed when human life begins at conception. What a thought! At the moment of conception the foundation of human life is formed. It is a human life. How could it be anything else? Basic common sense allows no other possibility. Age should have no part. If a two year old child is no less human than a thirty-five year old man why would a human being that is only days old be less human than a newborn?

  What is there to prove? Common sense speaks for itself. The burden of proof lies with those that support abortion. What if they are wrong? We believe that every baby should be protected. Many others want the right to destroy them. They don’t want to believe that life begins at conception because they’d have to admit they are killing innocent human lives.

  1. Donna McCord says:

    I totally agree…very well presented.

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  2. Toni says:

    So true Chris! Keep it up. Christians need to be reminded and awakened!


  3. Great blog Chris. I have enjoyed reading all of the posts so far.

    I am not a prolific writer, but I have encapsulated what I think is the best scriptural evidence for life beginning at conception as our latest article at:

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