Why aren’t we persecuted?

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Abortion Abolition, Evangelism
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  We stood on the quiet, narrow streets of downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Despite the overcast weather the quaint, brick walled shops were inviting and a trickle of foot-traffic rambled along the sidewalks, window shopping and going about their everyday business. It was an average day in this city of 45,000. Or was it?

  I stood on a street corner holding a sign. There was nothing extraordinary about that until you took the time to stop and read it. One moment I was a part of the ambling humanity around me and in another I had become a disturbance to a normally calm city. I was a voice for the voiceless. A voice of dissidence in a culture in love with death and destruction. Honestly it is a humbling place to be. No one wants to be awakened from their sleep. It is painful to be faced with a light after living contentedly in the dark for so long.

  My sign read, “CHRISTIAN. deliver those being drawn to death. ARE YOU?” A simple question with huge implications. This is the blinding light. This is salt in a wound. It is not condemning, it simply asks a question to today’s Christians. Their conscience condemns them for us. The conscience in on God’s side and all we do is awaken it.

  If you were walking down the sidewalks that afternoon you would have seen six abolitionist declaring unabashedly what the wages of sin really are. Your ears would have met with the sounds of two men preaching the Gospel of Christ. You who were lulled to sleep by the lies of the world would have been faced with the blood on your hands. The blood of 57 million babies murdered by abortion. Ignorance is no excuse. Being too busy is no excuse. Your conscience would pierce your heart. You would be awakened. Your evil works of darkness would be exposed.

  Coeur d’Alene was awakened that day and she lashed out in a desperate attempt at justification. An evil mindset, ideology or desire, when met with opposition often reacts with hatred. People hate the love of God because it reveals their own weakness and need. I saw the awakening, if for but a moment. The devil and his angels were affronted that day and they stared back in the stony faces and angry stares of the people that passed me by.

  I glanced to my left and saw a family approaching down the side street. The middle aged man gave me a smile that didn’t reach his eyes and I knew he hated life. He casually pushed a stroller with his baby boy. His wife and teen aged daughter followed close behind. The girl looked amused. I looked at the man and said,

  “What is your opinion on the American Holocaust?” Without a moment’s hesitation he answered,

  “I think every baby should be aborted!” He said it with a smile. I shot a glance at the baby sitting quietly in the stroller unaware at the evil fate he had escaped by the mercy of God. I told the man that he would be judged one day by a righteous God. He just cheered and whooped and yelled trying to shut out the truth.

God sees you as a murderer, Sir.” He walked right passed me, still cheering and mocking God. The woman didn’t say a word but the look in her eyes spoke volumes. She was lost in darkness. A broken heart.

  I think the majority of Christians never see this. They don’t understand the depth of darkness that envelopes the world. The Holocaust today is no different than that of Nazi Germany. I say this over and over again because no one seems to grasp it. It is true. Honestly, I don’t think that I even understand the enormity of what is happening. We are living during a Holocaust. What will awaken the apathetic Christian heart to this desperate situation? Would you be awakened by the sight of 57 million mutilated bodies? I’m beginning to wonder. I think we have lost the value of life. We have begun to live peaceably with death. Life has become about us or about what God can do for us. Maybe that is why the death of Jesus Christ has failed to move the Christians to action. We are more than willing to accept the death of Christ so we can live but we hesitate to lay down our own lives and become hated of all men; to speak out for the lives of others. The churches have become a safe haven for selfishness and hypocrisy.

  Christians love to talk about the “glorious days in the future when we will be persecuted for our faith.” Maybe we have never been persecuted because we have never given the world something to persecute us over. Maybe the church has become the world. The world is not at peace with Christ but it is with you Christian. Why? What has become more important than being one with God? Christ is the rock of offense, so would we be if He shown through us by our words and actions.

  The devil is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. We are hated because He is hated. We are in a war Christian and the enemy has made another soldier of God ineffective every time he can slyly lull us to sleep and make us think the battle hasn’t reached us yet. Though Christ is the victor the battle isn’t over yet. For some, they haven’t even begun to fight.

  It is time to be a light. It is time to be hated. It is time to live Jesus publicly. The world is just waiting for you to speak. Some will be malicious toward you, others will run to the grace of God. Your neighbors are waiting to be loved as you love yourself. Some will be saved, others will still be lost. God is waiting for you to be obedient. He will bless you and keep you.

  1. tonihutto says:

    Aw Chris, this is an amazing post. It is time to be the salt with savor. The world is lost and wounded. Of course when exposed to the salt of the earth and the truth we have to offer they will lash back. It is definitely time to be hated. It amazes me how hard some people can be. Thank you for being a voice to the voiceless.

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