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  Sometimes speaking to people about abortion can be intimidating. People have made the issue so complex that it seems almost impossible to comprehend. How do we answer the many questions posed by those that support child sacrifice? Answering their questions may be simpler than you think. Basic logic triumphs over any “pro-choice” slogan. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to guide our tongue but we are also commanded in the scriptures to “study to show thyself approved” (2 Tim. 2:15) and to “be ready always to give an answer to every man.” (1 Pet. 3:15)

  This post was written to help equip you with an answer. The list of questions is by no means complete but highlights the most common questions and objections that you will face while speaking out for the unborn.

“What about in the case of rape?”

  This is probably one of the most common questions that you will hear. Truly, in essence, abortion and rape are the same crime. It is a stronger perpetrator committing a crime against the weaker victim. Only with abortion it is the crime of murder. Both are helpless victims. Why should the baby pay the death penalty for the crime of her biological father? Abortion just adds murder to an already wicked crime. Obviously our heart should go out to the women that are faced with such a crisis pregnancy but it is never justifiable to commit a crime to cover another crime. There are stories of women that have found healing in the birth of their children. Often the precious baby is the only good to come out of such a tragedy. The way a child is conceived doesn’t determine the innocence of that life.

What if the mother’s life is in danger?”

  Technically every pregnancy has the potential of being dangerous for the mother but the majority of pregnancies are not. But for the small percentage of those that do pose a threat to the mothers life both the mother and the child should be cared for. Both lives are of equal value. A doctor doesn’t stop trying to save one life by killing the other. Both are patients and both deserve medical attention. With the medical care today this situation is extremely rare. No one wants to see a mother die because of a pregnancy but why is it justifiable to sacrifice the life of an unwitting child in attempts to save her? The unborn children have been dehumanize in our pleasure seeking society.

You can’t tell me what to do with my body!”.

  This almost seems legitimate at first glance until you see the blaring flaw of logic. It isn’t her body! The baby inside of her body is a unique human being. The tiny hands, the small developing brain, the precious heart beat; are those the mothers hands and brain and heart? Even the question defies logic. No one would consider a foreign parasite to be their body why the human baby growing in the womb? Mothers have been given the wonderful responsibility of carrying the child but the baby is not the mother’s body.

I’m not telling a woman what to do with her body, I’m telling her it is a sin to kill her child.

You are a man so you don’t understand.”

  Obviously this only applies to male abolitionists but it is something you will hear a lot. They would be right to say that I don’t understand what it is like to be a woman and I would never claim that I did but I don’t have to be a woman to know that abortion is wrong. Do I have to be black to know slavery is wrong? Do I have to be a Jew to know that the Holocaust was wrong? The answer is a resounding, “NO!”

  This is a foolish excuse that sidesteps the whole issue altogether. Not to mention that there are many woman abolitionists that hold the same view.

God forgives all sins.”

  This is a tragic excuse and we, as Christians, are to blame. It is either a feeble attempt to cover their guilt or an apathetic attitude toward life and sin. Both are sad results of a sin depraved culture. First of all it doesn’t really excuse abortion because in order to use this argument you must first admit that abortion is a sin. So truly this is a misconception of forgiveness and grace.

Does God forgive all sin? Be careful how you answer that question. How can God forgive a sin for which the sinner isn’t repentant? He can’t. We are forgiven by accepting His grace not cheaply using it to hide our guilty, blood stained hands. He will forgive the sin of murder once they see their need and turn to Christ in repentance. “Shall we sin that grace my abound? God forbid.”

Well, babies go to Heaven.”

  This is one of the weakest arguments that I have ever heard. The destination of the dead victim doesn’t change the severity or legitimacy of the crime committed against them. Murder is still wrong! Does that mean we are justified in killing anyone headed for Heaven? The thought is absurd.

It is just a blob of tissue.”

  I think of Jesus Christ, the Almighty God entering Mary’s womb. All of God was condensed into a few tiny cells. The Creator of the universe was encased in the fragile body of a human fetus. Was God just a blob of tissue? Did He cease to be God in the womb of a virgin? No. He was the Mighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit just as He is today in the form of one of life’s most precious gifts; a human child.

  30 days after conception the heart begins to beat. 42 days after conception brain waves can be recorded. Is this just a blob of tissue?

They can’t survive on their own anyway.”

  This is the viability argument. This may be true but is has no real baring on the issue. Many abortions are done in the early weeks of gestation but many others are committed against babies that can live outside of the womb. Either way it is still wrong and it is still murder. Many have used this very argument in the past to support euthanasia. Still others use it to justify not taking care of the elderly and mentally handicapped. Honestly, following this logic leads to an evil conclusion. When someone becomes a burden on society they are killed. No baby can take care of itself. It needs the care of a mother. Does that make it less of a human? The handicapped and mentally ill cannot take care of themselves but do their lives no longer matter. This is an argument based solely on selfishness.

Keep the main thing the main thing”

  You will hear this complaint from Christians. I have written a post explaining in detail why this mindset is wrong here:

Dont judge!”

  Whenever you challenge the way people believe they will feel judged. You show them that they are supporting murder and child sacrifice and often they will retort using something they know nothing about: the Bible. Every other time in their life they discredit and scoff at the Bible until they have an opportunity to twist it to their advantage. Often I have heard, “Don’t judge lest ye be judged!” This is Matthew 7:1 taken completely out of context. What they are saying is this, “Don’t tell me that what I am doing is wrong!” What Jesus is saying is that we will be held accountable for the very same things we accuse others of doing. He is talking about hypocrisy. Jesus goes on to say that we must remove our huge faults before we can point out the small faults in others. It must be read in context. If we supported abortion in any way and yet were still out their condemning it, they would have a point. But we aren’t. We are exposing the works of darkness. (Ephesians 5:11) Jesus says to “judge with righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)

  They feel judged because they have been smitten by their conscience. This is the wonderful, God-given meter that should be the starting point on the road to salvation. The sinner must know he is guilty before he will seek repentance.

Do you believe in the death penalty?”

  This question is posed as a way to prove an inconsistency in the Abortion Abolitionist’s worldview. All it is is a red herring in logic and a weak argument at best. If you can, avoid being derailed by this question. If you have to give an answer ask them a question back, “Who deserves to live? The mass murderer on death-roe or the helpless unborn baby?” Saying that a wicked criminal deserves to pay for his crimes is not inconsistent with the belief that abortion is murder. In all reality the guy on death-roe has forfeited his right to live, the baby has never been given the chance.

It’s just a fetus.”

  Saying, “it’s just a fetus.” is like saying, “it’s just a toddler.” Fetus is a name that people have given to a human child in a certain stage of development. People say that abortion is justified because the baby isn’t developed all the way. Either has an infant or a toddler. Are they less human because they are not yet adults? This is ageism and is the heart of the abortion issue.

Abortion is just reproductive choice.”

  No, the reproduction has already taken place. The parents have already made a decision and the child shouldn’t have to suffer the death penalty because of the result. Obviously accidents happen but that is no excuse for murder.