protest against official policy; dissent.

disagreeing especially with an established religious or political system, organization, or belief

That is the heart of Voices of Dissidence. I’m not talking about foolish rebellion or discord. I’m talking about challenging the trends and popular opinions of our society. Popular opinion is not the standard for what is right. Reality is not subject to the whim of the masses. Throughout history the majority has established what is right and wrong and consequently the laws of the land have been warped to fit their desires. It was legal to ship the Jews off to death camps. It was legal to own slaves in America. Where were the people standing for truth? Where had the soldiers of righteousness gone? Was there not a cause? They had become professionals in conformity. Can not the same be said of us? What evils go unchallenged today? What laws have been fitted to the apathetic will of our convenience?

More than ever there is a need for that silence to be broken. No longer should the chains of uniformity and fear hold us captive. As Christians we already know what is right but is time to act on our convictions. The churches of this nation are already full of people sitting on comfortable pews enjoying the show. What the world needs is soldiers ready to fight. Christianity is not a spectator sport. The world needs the message of Christ’s salvation. The blatant evils of our land must be decried before the world can see their need. But who will go? Who will stand? Who will be that voice of dissidence?

The answer is up to you Christian!

  1. Mr. Resister says:

    I’m not seeing your email address posted anywhere. Send me one. I have something for you. I met you ( I assume you are the one maintaining the site here, and I forget your name. ) in the WalMart parking lot.



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